CEO Message

                                                                               Mr. Amiy Krishna Tripathi 
                                                                                 Cheif Executive Officer

Dear Friends,

                      Zila Sahkari Bank Ltd. Kanpur covers two districts namely Kanpur City & Kanpur Dehat which is lives in east part of Uattar Pradesh & connected with unique four Districts i.e. Unnao, Jalaun, Kannauj & Fatehpur. Both districts is peculiar is nature certain part is plane & certain part covered by plateaus of south. Ganga River & auspicious pregrimage Temple of Goddess Maa Vindhyavasini which is famous all over our country.  

Kanpur City & Kanpur Dehat is predominantly agrarian having small & marginal land holding, low productivity, lack of diversified in cropping pattern. The major crop grown in district are paddy, wheat, maiz, bajara, potato, Tomato, Chili Kanpur is basically renowed by woolen carpet, Durries, traditional brass utensil & Banarasi sarees.

Both district has covered by 29 Branches of Zila Sahkari Bank Ltd. Kanpur which mostly covered 50% of priority sector (i.e. Agriculture Credit) & my mission is to reach zenith to reach 80% of tenebt agriculture sector through JLG, Financial Literacy regarding activities.

During 2012-13 to 2014-15 credit growth rate is 30% to 35 %, bank has plan to reach just double what was at 2012-13 that is why CD ratio of DCB is increasing year by year 35% to 45%.

Zila Sahkari Bank Ltd. Kanpur is compete with commercial Bank through IT (ie. CBS, Debit & Credit Cards, SMS, ATM, Mobile Banking). It is great pleasure to shown that  all GOI social activities fallow step to step with PSBs, Stand same platform.

            We wish all the best for Zila Sahkari bank Ltd. Kanpur with all employees.

                                                                     .................Thanking You